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If you are looking for a break away to take time to reflect, why not come on a BeadTrail® Workshop or Retreat?  It will give you time to relax, re-focus and find a moment of stillness. 

The retreats offer time away to find stillness, take stock and get a bit of space for yourself. If you would like a tailor made virtual or face to face retreat for a group, do get in touch.

What people say about the BeadTrail® Workshops and Retreats


‘I would highly recommend a retreat with Penny. The atmosphere was calm, relaxing and most importantly I think all of us had fun in our explorations.  It has exceeded by expectations I found the different exercises very interesting and useful.’



‘The whole process was the non-rushed giving time to think and reflect, An unusual experience for me that I think could be life changing and I would like to explore further. I liked Penny sharing her personal experiences. It made it feel more true, real and meaningful. Great atmosphere penny is incredibly positive, someone everyone would gravitate to and therefore someone you have to be around.’

Nikki Mathieson


‘I made a set of Stillness Beads with Penny. I deliberately chose ones with a wide variety of tactile feel: some smooth, some rough, some with raised patterns. I use them to turn hillwalking into a walking meditation, and they really help me to be present in whatever lovely countryside I am hiking in.’

Philip Dublin

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