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When I was training as a therapist many years ago I worked with a young woman who sat opposite me in silence as she struggled to find words to explain what was going on in her life. As a result, I wrote a thesis  ‘When Words Fail’ and started to use objects in my work rather than always relying on words. 

Over the years I have collected hundreds of beads, buttons and stones and developed the BeadTrail® process. I use them with individual clients and groups to find solutions, map out situations and come up with new ideas. They seem to work very well.  I have since expanded the use of the beads by developing them into Stillness Beads to use for meditation. 

I have been fortunate enough to work in many industries, businesses and countries including Africa, Ireland and the UK as a coach, facilitator and trainer. I lived in Dublin for many years where I was Principal of the College of Progressive Education in Ireland. I also worked in senior management in two organisations in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland and was involved in a number of conflict resolution programmes in the 1990s before the Good Friday Agreement was signed. 


I believe taking a moment of stillness can define who we are and allow us to gain clarity, healing, renewal and vision. This may be in using a creative problem-solving exercise, or having a quiet moment to meditate. I don’t think there is a one size fits all so I work with people to find their very own still space that resonates for them and that they can use to grow and develop.


Penny Gundry Facilitator and Coach


  • Certificate and Diploma in Coaching: Coaching Development UK

  • Certificate in Teaching Stress Reduction: Stress Management Institute of Ireland

  • Certificate in Family Therapy Clanwillian Institute Ireland

  • MBS Masters in Business Studies in Management and Organisation Studies Smurfit Graduate Business School Ireland


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