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Sometimes it is good to look at things from a different perspective. Creative problem solving helps us redefine a problem or a situation coming up with a number of new solutions and innovative ideas. 

The BeadTrail® gives people the chance to have fun, explore and come up with new ideas. We use a selection of beautiful beads, buttons and stones that have been carefully selected.  Each person picks particular pieces to represent a situation they are in and then works with them to find solutions, gain insight and make decisions. I guide the group or individual through the process that is simple and suitable for everyone. Quite often people choose to work through a process that is very personal to them and not share their thoughts or findings.  Others may want to talk about their learning.  Both preferences are respected during the process. 


"very clever the way it works"

"Really helpful to clarify my current situation, to visualise the challenges and problems I am facing, and to explore how to move through them. It helped me focus on what is really important"

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