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As part of the BeadTrail® process I have developed the Stillness Beads which includes the unique 123 Stillness Practice meditation cards and bespoke, beautiful handcrafted beads.

This is a beautiful string of beads for a meditation or mindfulness practice, with an easy to use step by step guide to the 123 Stillness Practice. I have selected the beads individually threading them to create a bespoke one off  set of beads. They are presented in a lovely handmade drawstring bag, along with the set of cards to guide you through the 123 Stillness Practice (guided meditation). The bags are available in 4 different colours, each of the bead strings follow a similar colour theme. They are suitable for those who are interested in meditation, mindfulness or stress reduction

An example of a 3-minute practice

We all have different ways to find stillness. The stillness beads provide an opportunity to come back in the present moment and do simple exercises for 1, 2 or 3 minutes.

The stillness beads come with cards that explain the practice but if you are looking for something to try, here are a couple of suggestions:

  • Take a set of beads into your hands and take a few deep breaths

  • Take one bead after another into your fingers and as you do, breathe in and out

  • Take the first bead into your fingers and breath in, note you are breathing in you may want to say to yourself ‘I am breathing in' or ‘breathe in’

  • Take the second bead into our fingers as you breath out note that saying to yourself ‘I am breathing out ‘or breath out’

  • Feel the cooler air coming in and the warmer air flowing out

  • Go through all the set of beads one at a time alternatively breathing in and out as you take one after another

  • At the end of the three minutes hold the beads in both hands or put them in your lap and feel your weight sink down into the chair or bed or where ever you are at the time.


BeadTrail® Stillness bead strings

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