• Do you want to find answers, solve problems, explore issues?

  • Are you at a crossroads and want to find a new way forward?

  • Would you like an opportunity to get some inspiration?


I am in Ireland for November and offering the following opportunities

One to One Session

Book a creative problem solving session where you will get a chance to explore ideas and find solutions using the wonderful beads, buttons and stones.

"I loved working with the beads... I love the flexibility it offers and how you can shape the situation you would like to invite into your life, so simple, playful and powerful. I loved how Penny helped me to find my way though it with gentleness and power."

Sessions last 1.5 hours cost €65

Contact Penny to book a session or for further information

Group Session

Would you like to host a morning, afternoon or evening BeadTrail® 3 hour workshop in your home? This will include the following:

  • A full creative problem-solving session for everyone using the beads buttons and stones to find solutions

  • Each person making their very own set of Stillness Beads to take away and use for meditation and mindfulness

  • Meeting like-minded people and sharing thoughts and ideas

For this very special November offer, the host goes free other participants pay just €30 (concessions available). This includes a one- hour creative problem-solving session and a personal set of stillness beads. A beautiful handmade bag and set of mediation cards can also be purchased for an extra €10.


Numbers suitable 4-10  Contact Penny for further information.

 "The beads are lovely they really surprised me. Almost like a map. They are very good for showing situations and reflecting where you are now."

"I made a set of Stillness Beads with Penny. I deliberately chose ones with a wide variety of tactile feel: some smooth, some rough, some with raised patterns. I use them to turn hillwalking into a walking meditation, and they really help me to be present in whatever lovely countryside I am hiking in."

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