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Special One-to-One Offer for November 2020

I am offering a special deal for those who want a bit of extra support at this rather challenging time

  • Do you want to find answers, solve problems, explore issues?

  • Are you looking for some new ideas?

  • Would you like an opportunity to get some inspiration?

One to One Session over Zoom

For the month of November I am offering a slightly more succinct version of the BeadTrail at a lower price. You will recieve a bag of beads and have a 1 hour session over zoom or skype to work through a process of your choice to get ideas and find solutions. All for just £65.

You will be sent a beautiful bag of beads through the post and I will facilitate you to explore ideas and find solutions using the wonderful beads.

 "The beads are lovely they really surprised me. Almost like a map. They are very good for showing situations and reflecting where you are now."

"I loved working with the beads... I love the flexibility it offers and how you can shape the situation you would like to invite into your life, so simple, playful and powerful. I loved how Penny helped me to find my way though it with gentleness and power."

Contact Penny for further information

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